Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Week's Worth of Weak Beard

So, this is what a week's worth of growing out my facial hair gets me. Evidently, The Beard Growth Project will have to be a long-term project. I am in it until the end though. I'm going to grow this beard if it kills me. I'm really hoping that it doesn't. In other non-beard related news, the hair on the top of my head is gone. You can kind see the difference in this picture as opposed to the picture previously posted (not the one of the book cover). Although I'm not tracking the growth of the hair on the top of my head, this does let keep tabs on how long it takes that segment of hair to grow until I need another haircut. The hair there grows a little quicker than the hair on my face, but it's not that much quicker. You could say my hair grows at a turtle's pace as opposed to my beard growing at a snail's pace. I'm really not this into hair by the way. I don't want any random people ending up on this website thinking I'm some sort of freak. That said, here's another picture of my blossoming beard.


Ahhh said...

Stupid hair freak! Get off my internets.

BigKilla said...

Haha nice comment there.

The bottom picture looks strange. Some kind of perspective trick I think. It makes your neck looks small and your chin look HUGE.

PS. I voted for "mustache"

Jaime said...

I need all the help I can get in the chin dept. It's fairly lacking.